The 5 Best Farmhouse Light Fixtures for the Kitchen: Illuminate Your Space with Style

Farmhouse light fixtures in kitchen shop

When it comes to kitchen lighting, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can go with recessed lighting, track lighting, pendant lights, or even under-cabinet lighting.

But if you’re looking for a style that will really illuminate your space and give it that rustic farmhouse look, then you should consider using a farmhouse light fixture.

Farmhouse light fixtures have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. They add a touch of elegance and style to any kitchen while providing ample illumination.

Plus, they come in a variety of styles and finishes so you can find one that perfectly matches your décor.

If you’re thinking about adding a farmhouse light fixture to your kitchen, here are five of the best ones to choose from.

1. Hanging Farmhouse Rope Lamp

Hanging Farmhouse Rope Lamp hanging above dining table 

This hanging farmhouse rope lamp is the perfect way to add a rustic touch to your kitchen. Made of high-quality natural hemp rope, it’s durable and long-lasting.

The lamp also comes with an LED light bulb that’s energy efficient and will save you money on your electric bill.

And as it covers a lighting area of up to 10-15 square meters, this lamp is perfect for any kitchen size. However, light bulbs are not included, so you’ll need to purchase those separately.


  • Made of high-quality natural hemp rope
  • Energy efficient
  • Perfect for any kitchen size


  • Light bulbs not included

2. Industrial Metal Farmhouse Chandelier

Industrial Metal Farmhouse Chandelier hanging over black marble dining table

Another great option for a farmhouse kitchen is an industrial metal chandelier. This type of fixture features a weathered metal finish and four lightbulbs, making it perfect for illuminating a larger space. Additionally, the industrial metal finish will add a touch of edgy style to your kitchen.

With a voltage of 220V-240V, this chandelier is sure to provide plenty of light for your kitchen. It also has a CE certification, so you can be confident in its quality. Plus, the metal construction makes it durable and long-lasting.

However, please note that light bulbs are not included with this fixture.


  • Weathered metal finish
  • Four light sources
  • Perfect for illuminating a larger space
  • Adds a touch of edgy style
  • Voltage of 220V-240V
  • CE certification


  • Comparatively expensive

3. Farmhouse Rope Wall Light

Farmhouse Rope Wall Light

Having a rope wall light in your kitchen is a great way to add some farmhouse charm. This fixture features an adjustable metal arm, so you can direct the light where you need it most.

It also comes with an LED bulb, making it a great option for energy-saving lighting.

With a voltage of 90-260V and a power source of AC, this light is sure to give you the illumination you need. The metal and rope materials make it a durable option that will last for years to come.

Plus, the CE and RoHS certifications ensure that this light is safe to use in your home.


  • Comes with an LED bulb
  • Energy-saving
  • Durable
  • CE and RoHS certified


  • Covers a smallerlighting area than other fixtures on the list, but still enough to light up your kitchen

4. Antique Industrial Farmhouse Wall Light

Antique Industrial Farmhouse Wall Light on kitchen wall 

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so make sure it’s well-lit! This antique industrial farmhouse wall light is perfect for adding a touch of style and warmth to your space.

The metal and wood construction is durable and stylish, while the LED bulbs provide plenty of illumination.

Plus, the CE certification ensures that this light is safe to use in your home. The only downside is that light bulbs are not included.

Overall, this is a great option for anyone looking for a stylish and functional farmhouse light fixture for their kitchen.


  • Stylish and durable metal and wood construction
  • LED bulbs provide plenty of illumination
  • CE certified safe to use in your home


  • Light bulbs not included

5. Circular Farmhouse Ceiling Light

Circular Farmhouse Ceiling Light

Last but not least we have these beautiful circular farmhouse ceiling lights. They’re also perfect for an entryway, foyer, or Mudroom.

Made of metal with a distressed wood finish and clear black shades. This light fixture takes four bulbs (not included), has a voltage of 90-260V, and is also an AC power source.


  • The distressed wood and metal give it a classic farmhouse look
  • The clear black shades provide good illumination
  • It’s a versatile light that can be used in different areas of the house


  • You will need to purchase the two light bulbs separately

Buying Guide

farmhouse light fixture 

When selecting the perfect farmhouse light fixture for your kitchen, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here's what you should consider:

  • Size: Make sure to measure your space and choose a light fixture that is the appropriate size. You don't want a light that is too small or too large for the space.
  • Style: There are many different styles of farmhouse light fixtures available. Browse through different options and select the one that best fits your personal preference.
  • Material: Farmhouse light fixtures are typically made of metal, wood, or glass. Consider the material of your fixtures and make sure it is compatible with the rest of your kitchen's decor.
  • Functionality: Not all farmhouse light fixtures are created equal. Some are designed for function while others are purely for aesthetics. Consider what you need your light fixture to do and choose accordingly.
  • Price: Farmhouse light fixtures can range in price from very affordable to quite expensive. Set a budget for yourself and make sure to stick to it when selecting your light fixture.

Now that you know what to look for, it's time to start shopping for the perfect farmhouse light fixture for your kitchen!

The Bottom Line

These are the five best farmhouse light fixtures for the kitchen. With their stylish designs and functionality, they are sure to illuminate your space with style.

So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!